Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thought Bubble

For the last few years, the fairly fresh faced Thought Bubble Comic Convention has been held in Leeds. It's a great convention in which that fans can meet their favourite artists, hang out with like minded people and attend talks and speeches about the comic industry. Most recently the convention had in attendance, John Romita Jr., one of the most respected and well known comic artists in the industry. Whilst being fairly new thought bubble is building in momentum and has just confirmed that this year it will last 2 days instead of 1.

The great thing about thought bubble is the oppertunity to meet the guests from the comic industry as they're an abundence of knowledge about how to break into it. If you're looking to get into comics Thought Bubble is a valuble experience as you can network incredibly easily with guests, one year they even had a memeber of Marvel's Editorial team doing portfolio veiwing. Ofcourse there are also many smaller publishers who attened. In industries as small as video games and comics it's these small events that are truly the best way to start networking, obviously when speaking to people the correct etiquette is always required but I strongly recommend those looking at getting into comics go to thought bubble. The convetion is open to the public but each year it gets bigger and bigger so be sure to be prepared!

A link to their website can be found Here.

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