Thursday, 17 March 2011

Texturing Mishaps

Whilst I was applying the texures to my model I had two little hiccups. The first one being that the texture map for the walkway was not matching up at all. In the end this was a result of the texture map not relating to the mesh in any way that I could comprehend, the only solution was to create a new UV map with the Planar mapping method and re-create it.

The second problem was when creating the mesh for the whole room, again it seemed no UV map in Maya matched up with the one I had used. This time round I imported a new UV map to photoshop and just adjusted my previous effort around the map, the result was actually quite good to say it was a chop and swap.

There are other niggles with my texture but considering time and the scale of these niggles it's not worth spending hours trying to fix. These niggles include one of the gargoyle heads not matching quite right with the UV map and the texture in the room being stretched out (as seen above) Overall I'm happy with the Progress I've been making, all thats left is to import it into unity and start applying the Game engine fluff!

One a side note, whilst applying all my textures in one go I started to get a pretty full workload area, so to other maya uses it's always best to keep your hypershade window worker area tidy!

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