Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Swords development

Through the design process I decided that by the throne the character will have a collection of swords that she uses to cut down any challengers. I liked the idea of having the swords placed in stone, for the initial sketch I just throw together 3 different sword ideas that I thought were cool. I decided to have a light weight, mid weight and heavy weight sword to cover a range of bases for the character.

With the base concept in place I did some further research into sword designs looking a mixture of both realistic swords and one designed by game designers.

Using my 3 swords I started to develop them further. Currently I have two of the three complete, with the third almost done. I used inspiration from both reality and video games for the sword designs.

Style-wise I can see self improvement in these designs as opposed to the original concept, this gives me hope and re-assurance that my skills are improving.

Whilst these will be props in my level I will have to make them one by one and them place them in the game level as I feel it would be the easiest method of not only constructing them but also texturing.

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