Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sword Research

When it came to designing the swords I was having trouble with my designs as I knew the shape of a sword but not much else. After a little digging around for images I found several images of the types of swords I wanted to design. The first one being a Katana, the image to the right is extremely useful as it shows the sword from a variety of angles, including subtler details I didn't know existed.

The next collection of images I found came from Deviant Art user Wen-M, whom currently work creating concept art for the role-playing game franchise, Anima. His work on sword designs are impressive and vary larger from one to another which made this a valuble point of research for when it came to looking for influences concerning designs.

(Swords by Deviant art user Wen-M)
Since my swords are just props for the level theres no real need to think of the logistics in which they'll be used, which means I design swords to my taste either being as reserved or expressionate as I wanted with the final designs.


  1. I love the swords but they are kindd of hard to draw as they are so complicated, maybe you could show steps.

  2. wickedddd theyre so kwl yeh true i wish there were steps to show how to draw em

  3. Hey guys, there seems to be some confusion, the swords drawn here were not by me, they were drawn by an artist on deviant art called Wen-M. you can find more of his stuff here: