Friday, 25 March 2011

Summary of What I've learned about so far

In Contextual Studies, I've learned a fair bit since starting the course. I've learned about moving type and it's history and importance to the modern world in how that it's transcended it's roots from being a tool to educate and inform into a whole new entity in which that it takes on elements of art and graphic design to not only communicate information but to also communicate a feeling or style. This includes the ways in which it can be utilised in film to further convey the emotion or tone the artist wants the audience to feel.

From there I looked at cinema as a door and how in film whilst directors try to replicate film it's the controlled elements that make it art. I also addressed the subject of objectification of not only women but actors in film coming to the conclusion that in film everything needs to be objectified for positive or for negative portrayls as it's this objectification that helps the audience define the reality of the film from their own, my personal opinion on this matter was re-enforced by the excerpt I analysed from 'Film Theory' by Thoams Elsaesser and Maltie Hagener as by interpritng their text I came to the conclusion part of film is that controlled aspect and in that sense the artist creating the film must see all componenets as objects that are trying to replicate life with out duplicating it, it is also up to the artist to give his own interpritation of life in a film for audiences to experience.

I also anaylsed the opening two and a half minutes to the 2000 film 'American Psycho' in which I outlined the possible emotions and messages director Mary Harron was trying to convey to the audience, noting on the sutble aspects that go into a film and how each one could be considered a deliberate addition to the layers of information in the film. I also analysed several still images from film and video games to see the artist's intentions and expressionate interpritations of reality including noting directional choices and what effect they may have on the viewer.

Finally I looked at the subject of the embodied mind and how it's that aspect of learning that has helped people learn to make opinions and see the expression in any place be it man made or a natural occurance, which backs up the process of the opinions I made in the section of "Cinema as a Door". It also taught me about the importance the embodied mind plays in terms of allowing us to communicate to each other through the act of facial experssions and body language, which will bring me onto the next part of contextual studies; Communication Theory.

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