Thursday, 24 March 2011

Roles within the Game Industry (Part 2)

Previously I looked at the more beurocratic side of the game development process, this time round I'll be looking at the deep down and gritty members of the creative process.

The designer has to role of developing the gameplay aspects that will be in the final game. This includes what the objective of the game is and how it should be played. Designers also have to concieve the story (if there is one), decide what the contents of the product will be (eg. will there be unlockable levels and features). Often there will be seperate designers for different aspects of the game in larger projects. In short Game designers decide what the game is going to consist of, mechanics, which characters are to be in it and features.

Artists are the creators of the world the designer wants to create. Artist refers to both 2D and 3D art covering all types of visual work created, from concept art to 3D Models, often the art department will be seperated into groups such as 2D artist who will focus on conceptualising an idea and 3D Artists who will then take that idea and create in in three-dimensions to be used in the game. Often there will be an art director to over see the work to make sure that it follows the vision of the designer. Whilst the designers think up the ideas it's the artists who give those ideas a face.

Programmers are the people who essentially put all the elements of a game together, they are the ones who bring the non visual elements of the game to life such as physics, AI, scripting, online capabilities and gameplay method. Much like the other departments there will be atleast one lead programmer who oversees the small aspects of this section of game design process. In short the Programmers are the assemble line workers of the overall process, making sure that each different element will work with each other and that the gameplay and user interfaces work well together.

Next I'll be looking at the final set of key roles in game making process.

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