Thursday, 24 March 2011

Roles within the Game Industry (Part 1)

Much with any industry there multiple roles that one can take within the Video Game Industry in this series of blog entries I'm going to analyse those roles.

Over the years the video game industry has grown to the point in which that it's similar to the film industry with multi-million budgets for some games and dozens upon dozens of people working on one game at any given time. I'll be looking at each role in each sector.

  • Producers
In video game development there are two kinds of producters and internal and external one. The internal producer manages the resources such as schedule, staff and report progress, whilst the external producer (often hired by the publisher of the game) oversees aspects such as overall progress and the budget. Their overall resposibilties invole PR, negotiations, connections between staff and stakes holders, beta test management and localisation.

  • Publisher
A publisher in the terms of video games is very much the same as for books or films, it's their duty to manufactue the product, complete market research, develop a marketing campaign for the product and handle all aspects of advertising. Often the Publishers are the one who finance a video game's production, to protect their investments they hire Producers to keep an eye on the progress on the product. Most video games are created by an external game developer but some are developed by the publisher themselves, often they are paid by the publisher with advances on roaylities.

These two components are critical to the process of making a game as without the publishers there would be no funding in the game (unless dev' members put up the cash themselves) or marketing for a game and without producers the time management would be impossible to keep track of. Whilst these are the less creative side of the business they're still just as important to the overall process as the actual developers making the game.

Next I'll be looking at the down and dirty members of the game development process.

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