Thursday, 17 March 2011

Revisiting my Character

In my previous Game module, I went through alot from learning how to model, rig and animate a character. Unfortunately at the time my knowledge in Texture/UV map painting wasn't as developed as it is now and I had also ran out of time. Since the start of this new module I promised that I would re-do my character's UV texture.

Before setting out to re-painting the texture of my character I did a little research into how other games have textured characters (see blog posts here, here and here)and also researched texturing using such books as 3D Game Textures (Ahearn, L. 2006). This research massively help my understanding of the importance of textures and the methods of which you can paint them.

As stated in earlier posts my game level will take on the appearance of a "toon" look by using the cartoon shader but to help give the texture a finer and more polished look I aquired some base textures such as metal and fabric and created seemless textures to the UV map. When this was applied it game the model a much better look. One of the things I learned from 3D Game Textures is the importance of darker tones in a texture map, by painting a darker, near black tones at the edges of intersecting objects on a mesh it gives a more defined look to these edges and barriers, inturn this allows players to distinguish the immediate difference between details on their character.

Ofcourse I'm still using a mesh that I had created in the previous module. Since then my understanding of how to create UV maps has been increased, unfortunately due to time constraints I could not create a whole new UV Map for my character so in turn small hiccups such as the skin colour bleeding onto the armour (left) has happened, overall this texture is a vast improvement on the original as I has rushed the original Texture resulting in a poor quality texture.

Another difference you may notice is my character's lack of hair, Again due to time constraits I would have loved to have gone back and remodelled the character's head and hair to make it more impressive but I could not without jeopodising the time I have to spend on the actual level. Because of this I gave her a temporary hair by deleting what were going to be alpha channel hair textures and replacing it with a painting one on the same mesh as the head/face.

Although currently My character does not have the original hair I designed for her (or ears due to hiding them under the hair mesh) I feel that the texture I have applied is a vast improvement on the original and demonstrates my new understanding of texture painting. By following tutorials and researching information I've improved upon my character and made it more interesting, the inclusion of real world textures of fabric, skin, metal and leather help create the connection between real world items but they don't impose nor do they create a hyper-real look.

This new texture will help my character blend into my game level and hopefully add a little personality to it. By completing this little challenge I've proved to myself that I can do character texturing aswell as apply texturing methods as taught in text books, even with the minor faults I'm still very proud of the new look my character has.

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