Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Research Sources (Part 2)

In this post I'll continue looking at my research sources and highlight their content and why I chose them.

'Can Video Gaming Cross from Innocent Fun to Addiction?', BBC News by Rapheal Rowe

This article was chosen as it once again looks at the effects of videogame content and the influence it can have on a developing mind, it also goes into detail about the subject matter of potential addiction to videogames including how other places outside of UK deal with videogame addiction such as South Korea. This helped me bulk up my information on the effects that video games can have on adults and children.

'Teen Banned from Halo 3, Shoots Parents in Retribution'

'39% of British Parents let Kids Play Adult Games'

'UK Politician: Games Cause Kids to Lose their Childhood'

'Mom Turns Kid’s Xbox Off, gets Taco Thrown in Face'
All Articles by James Sterling for the journalist website Destructoid.

Amounst all the research sources I had I thought it's be wise to try find actual evidence of the effects that I was researching taking place. I often check the website destructoid and remember various stories about domestic violence and video games of the many results I got from searching the website these four proved to be the most useful and relevent in cases where it wasn't just a child throwing a large scale tantrum due to being punished. I ended up using a good few of these in my final essay.

'Clive Thompson on How Tweets and Texts Nurture in-depth Analysis' by Clive Thompson

This article on Wired Magazine's website addressed the issue of the change in peoples attention span by noting things such as twitter and text messaging has meant people can say shorter things more often instead of a lengthy update once a week for example, ultimately focusing on how Newspapers may become outdated due to speedy updates but monthly magazines will still exist as they're more comprehensive. This article proved to be massively useful as it showed a change in peoples behaviour due to technological advancements, it also highlighted a new way of thinking thats becoming increasingly present in society.

'Panorama, Addicted to games?' by Jeremy Vine and Rapheal Rowe

The focus of this episode of panorama has the potential threat that video games can pose to society with their addictive mechanics and espacism. The Show also highlighted incidents with interviews from teens (predominately teenage males) who had lashed out due to not being able to get their 'fix'. Whilst it was done in a nuetral critical anlysis the general message was that there are dangers to online communities and video games, but several keey pieces of information did come from it that I used in my essay such as the quote "There are only addictive personalities", the show was ensightful too and offered a great deal of information through the reviewers it conducted.

Beyond these sources I also have personally seen the effects that the internet can have on society such as effect the manner in which people speak using words or terms that were previously exclusive to the internet such as 'lol' or 'epic' to the point where it's non sensical, most of these terms were used by teens between 12-18. I had also investigate a variety of forums including one infamous image board forum where all users appear anonymously resulting a very free speech environment and is a complete example of some of the themes and topics that the articles that I looked at touched upon.

Overall I feel that I looked at a good range of sources but it could have been improved with more academic sources, something I plan to rectify when it comes to dissertation writing.

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