Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Power of Twitter

In the last few years the Internet has spawned two giants, Facebook and Twitter. Whilst Facebook is the social side of the Internet where you can chat and share experiences with friends, Twitter is where the really power is. With over 75 Million users Twitter is ever expanding with a range of people using it as a way to send out fast updates about themselves or the company and anyone seeking employment in a sector of the creative industry really should be on twitter, it's a great place to promote yourself but also keep up to date on the various different companies you may want to apply for.

Many games companies such as Rockstar, EA, Square Enix, Bioware and a range of others. Whats also great is that on the Twitter website you can search for users, often than not just type in the studio you want to keep updated with and you can usually find them very easily. Most of the tweets will generally be self promotion but it's not impossible if you send them a direct message that you may get a reply (I've had several in my tenure as a tweeter). Whats great about the Twitter site is that it also gives a "if you liked this have you tried.." section to the right of the company's Twitter's feed and this can usually lead to other game developers or key people within the industry.

That's the great thing about Twitter is that it's simple and easy to navigate and use, it's a great promotional tool for you aswell as you can post something such as "hey just created this awesome 3d model of a knight" and someone will see it, you can also direct it towards the game developers but remember much like the etiquette found when dealing with interviews it's all about phrasing, don't be overly enthusiastic and constantly message one Developer as they may remember distinctly who you are should you ever apply for a job with them and if their opinion of you is negative you may have to wait a few years for them to forget about you.

An example of a retweet I recieved from the creator of the Final Fantasy Series of games.

If you want to get into tweeting seriously and keep up to date with various developers around the world my suggestion is to get a Tweetdeck (found here) as it shows all the latest tweets from the people you're following in a clear way, it also allows you to post from the deck rather than to constantly have to log into the twitter site. Remember exposure? increase yours by adding your twitter feed to your website/blog, this shows employers that look at your site that you're up on current trends and appreciate the importance of being able to give quick updates.

Twitter is an awesome tool, that can be beneficial in researching companies and promoting yourself and with so many members of the creative industry who are a part of Twitter it's become an invaluable tool that any creative should have.

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