Thursday, 24 March 2011

Online Portfolio

In my last post it was highlighted that in todays modern age everythng can be done completely through the process of an online application. This inspired me to research ways in which I could have my portfolio and represent my work without having to take it with me every where. My research eventually took me to the artist community website, in this website you can post work that you've created and write journals informing people of your current activities to do with your work but along with all of this you also have the opertunity to set up a basic online portfolio. I did just that.

My portfolio opens up with an image I've created a links to several other pages including an Artists Bio. The page includes brief blurb and any links to other works, at all times in the gallaery naigavtion my email is also present so that viewers may wish to contact me. The layout for browsing galleires is simply and this also viewers to easilt navigate around my work (see left for example). Just by creating this online portfolio I've already increased awareness in my work and increased my exposure, also any future employers can come here and see a wide range of the work I've completed over the years including both work that has been completed for educational or personal reasons.

To increase exposrue of my work I can also put a link to it in various other sites that inform people about me, such as my blog or where I post my personal music projects. The whole idea is to expose my work to a wider a range of audiences as possible as you never know who is surfing your site at any time.

By having this portfolio made I can go back and adjust it how I see fit, add or take down pieces but most importantly when an employer sends an email asking if I have an examples of work readily availible I can instantly say yes and presnt the link to my portfolio, this should show that I'm commited to applying for the job and that I'm well prepared, this could also boost my chances of either getting to the next stage of applications such as interviews or even result in aquiring the position completely. Never underestimate the power of promotion especially in an age when it can be done so easily by yourself.

That said whilst the DeviantArt portfolio method is a solution the site itself is a little bare bones and it'll probably be more impresive to either use a either modified wordpress blog or create your own website thus giving you complete comtrol over the style and method of which to present your work but as a quick solution the DA portfolio fits the bill.

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