Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A New Day, a New Problem/Challenge

I've fixed the problem I was having yesterday including one that came up whilst finishing off modelling in which the geometry disappeared as the lambert asigned to it seemed to have disconnected.

Currently I'm creating UV Maps for each of the objects in my level/room. I looked back at a previous PDF tutorial to refresh my memory on the process of creating a UV Map using the Planar method and cutting the UV map. The first object I tried this on was the larger sword, I cut around the whole shape and seperated it on the Map, the result of the test map is to the right.

Unfortunately when I tried this method on the other sword the UV map does seem to want to cut in half which is proving very difficult as they still seem to be joined. This throws me a little off balance in terms of making my UV maps as I'm unsure how it will tackle other objects. I've also tried to unwrap the crown shape but unfortunately thats not working out well either. I'll consult some FAQs etc and try get some help as this is proving to become harder than first thought.

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