Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Networking in The Game Industry

I've mentioned Networking quite a few times in this modules but how does one go about actually doing it? The most common method to start networking is to start going to expositions, confrences and conventions, two of the biggest that happen in the world are The Games Developers Confrence (GDC) and The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). At both these events are panels and lectures along with companies presenting their latest products, be it software or hardware. Unfortunately E3 isn't open to the public so they only way you might be able to attend is as a member of the press (or if you already have a job in the game industry), this makes GDC a much better choice especially since they have student passes.

Focusing on GDC, the conference boasts attendences from a wide range of established companies including Career seekers and recruiters, Developers, Studio Managers, Exhibitors and sponsors and finally potential investors. So even if you set up a small indie studio and attned as an exhibitor you could catch the eye of some of the larger dogs in the industry.

For students, GDC also includes a Career Pavilion. Which is essentially a collection of representatives from many different companies all looking for new recruits to hire. This experience includes face time with HR Reps.

Unfortunately Both these conventions happen in the states so a ticket might be costly and a great gamble if you don't get hired, but the option is there if need be, but these do seem more catered towards already established professionals in the business.

Below are the respective websites to the two conventions.

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