Thursday, 17 March 2011

Game Music research

When it came to the final Crit and Peer review, one of the popular comments was that an inclusion of ambient music could create a huge impact. Taking this into consideration I thought about games that used an ambient soundtrack and one of the first things that came to mind was the soundtrack from Silent Hill 3.

Producer and composer Akira Yamaoka uses a mix of sound effects and ambient/building sounds to create the soundtrack for the survial horror series. This works very well in building an atmosphere filled with dread and tension, most likely for it's lack of conventional sounds and lack of percussion instruments in the score. Often than not much like a jogger on a treadmill a drum beat can affect a players experience when playing, a fast drum beat will give the feeling that something exciting is going to happen where as a slowler paced beat will create the opposite effect.

Whilst it seemed a good ambient soundtrack was needed I also wanted to create a battle theme for my character as she was intended to be a Boss character in an RPG style game. For this type of music I looked at the works of Nobuo Uematsu, specifically the battle themes from the game Final Fantasy VIII, as it was a game I personally revere as having one of the best soundtracks to any game with iconic leitmotifs and driving percussion. These iconic tracks are "Don't Be Afraid" and "Force Your Way" both of which feature fast percussion and use of both synth and classical instruments. I plan to use a more faster paced composition for the battle theme to build that feeling of excitement in the player.

I'll also have to find some SFX sounds to go in my Level such as; Fire Crackling, water running and walking sounds. With these two composers in mind I plan to listen to more of their work and start composing my own soundtrack.

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