Thursday, 17 March 2011

Music Composing

After researching composers and listening to their works I set out to create my own. For my compositions I used the computer Software Ableton Live, this gives me access to many digital instruments and allows me to compose quickly and with precision. I decided I wanted to work on the battle theme first, after listening to Uematsu's many compositions for battle themes I decided that what I wanted to do was create a theme that brought up that feeling of nostalgia so, I opted to use predominately synth instruments such as 'Saws' and lead synths. The drum track itself is composed of a pretty simply loop played at double time, meaning I get that wonderful driving drum beat that should get players pumped. I noticed in many of Uematsu's compositions that theres often breakdowns to give breathing time to the player and to also breakup the track and make it more interesting, I also did this by simply halfing the bpm of the drum beat and adding a new instrument to denote this filler section. I added some bass and ambient sounds to fill it out musically, finally adding fade ins and outs.

By using the Midi instruments I've created a track that might have been found on a game developed in the 16Bit era of gaming, successfully creating that nostaglia feeling and referance to and era where I fell in love with video games.

In comparison the ambient track was not as complex, consiting of only 3 different midi tracks, one of an ambient sound, one of a synth pad to fill out the sound and finally one of bell to break up the tune. The ambient soundtrack is quite powerful with it's dulled noted and reverb, it almost seems asthough it had come right from a Silent Hill game but what really adds to the overall abience is the echoe effect I added to the Bells track to help them ring out.

In the game level I plan to have the ambient track playing on a loop where as the battle music will be activated once a player approaches. What will be tricky is figuring out a script that will turn off the ambient track whilst the new track players and turns it back on again once the battle theme stops playing.

Overall I'm proud of the compositions I've made as I feel I've created the types of compositions I set out to make.

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