Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More Prop Development

Recently I've completed a revised version of my door, to which I'm much happier with. The brief research I completed has vastly improved my design and I feel that by making it look a little more outof place it fits better with the aesthetic I'm trying to capture in my game level.

For the design I looked at my research and tried to pull a bit of everything into one design, my idea is that on the opposite side of the door is a normal looking room, ergo the doors would be more fitting in that environment.

I feel that after each design I'm getting a better feel for my level and what it will look like and how it should feel. By focusing on the smaller aspects I plan the bring them all in together to create a great piece of work.

Finally, I decided to create a final design for the chair. The design for this was a bit more indulgent in my personal influences such as the Final Fantasy videogame series. The main concept is the same but there are new features such as the wings and the flaming crown. This was really a bit more of a guilty pleasure design as I feel modeling something like this would be a slight challenge but a fun process nonetheless.

With this the only things left to do are a final piece of the new room design and a floor plan, from there I'll be ready to start modelling my game level.

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