Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some Fixes, Some Glitches

Previously I was having a problem with cutting UV textures, after some assitance from my Tutor it was revealed that there were places in the mesh that still needed cutting such as in the sword there was a small circle made near the top using the Booleans method which was causing the UVs not to seperate. My tutor helped me set together some new UV maps using the Planar Mapping method for some items such as the skulls and swords. After the brief tutorial I can safely say I'm much more knowledgable about creating UV maps for texture painting.

With this new knowledge I set out and started painting textures for my items such as the lovely skull texture featured above. After a while I began to ponder what my texture will look like on my shapes. So after creating a new lambert for the skull texture I then applied it to one of the meshes, the result being the picture below. Clearly the texture isn't matching with the UV Map or the Map isn't matching with the Mesh. I did some researching on errors etc such as this and no results were coming up, in the end I had to email my tutor.

Whilst I wait for a reply I'm going to contiue painting textures for my game level as I have this weird feeling the issue isn't going to be a mjaor set back.

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