Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More Concept Art

Since the last concept art post I've been creating more, trying to logically thinking about the dimensions of the room and different details, I've been looking at germanic castle doors to try create a more dramatic entrance. In these steps I'm just putting in components I would like to see in my final level, these will be developed and smoothed out as development continues. At this stage in the concept level I'm trying to visualize what each angle of the room will look like. As opposed to previous projects I'm currently trying to complete this using only digital techniques.

This Piece was the first one that I created that shows a more coherent layout of my desired game level, things are still a little bare currently but the shape of the room is coming together.

I'm going to focus on creating more detail in the features of the level including props as this will help make my work along down the line easier as I won't have to try figure out design problems that may arise when modeling.

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