Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's The Little Things...

Whilst Texturing I mention that some UV object have their own special Layer, as part of a personal test of my texturing skills I set out to see if I could introduce a complicated object to one f my UV texturse. This complicated object came in the form of an engraving I decided to place on my door texture.

For the engraving I chose Heracles fighting the Nemean Lion, this was more a personal choice as I'm a fan of the Myth; The Labours of Heracles. In Photoshop I make a new layer and place the engraving on it, I then remove any distinguishable boarders and use the clone stamp tool to pad the texure amoung the area the engraving will appear in. I clean up the boarders and change the layer mode to Multiply, this helps it blend in with the wood texture behind it and due to it's light coloured nature this happens with no further adjustsments needed. I add some highlights to the engraving on the Highlights layer to make it stick out a little more.

Here the engraving is applied to the final model, as you can see it's been a success as it's noticeble and indeed the highlights work in the favour of the design. I did this whole thing as a test but to also add some detail to a door that I thought looked a little plain, but this shows that I'm competent in bring not just seamless but also unique textures into a UV texture to use on a final model.

The original Image

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