Friday, 18 March 2011

Importing My Character

To import my character I re-opened the maya containing the mesh and textures. In the level I wanted my character to be sitting in the chair so to get this pose I first created a new polygon cube to act as the chair. I then used all the controllers I had made around my character to get her into a pose that I was happy with. Unfortunately along the way I came across the fact that if I move my character's head her mesh distorts dramatically, so the head shall not move for the pose.

Once I had her in the pose that I wanted I imported her into Unity. There was a little bit of difficulty in exporting the character from Maya as when trying to import it into Unity resulted in the character not actually appearing. After some adjusting of the Maya export settings I got it to work. The character herself needed some scaling to fit in the room let alone the chair but after that she was looking pretty comfy. I next applied the toon shader to the model which had a weird effect on my texture map by blurring and stretching some sections but overall a smooth import and the character really adds personality to the room.

Due to the mesh being slightly warped in the Toon shader, this prompted me to create two versions of my level (if time allows) one with a toon shader, one with no toon shader.

One regret that I do have is that my character doesn't move in in Unity so she quite static, this was really due to time constraints as I wanted to go back and adjust the animation but considering my other responsibilities to the Game Level itself it's something that had to just be left. Maybe in my spare time I'll add an animation.

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