Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Further Prop Development

I decided that I would also refine my designs for the props in the room, this included a much closer and more thought out design for the gargoyle heads that protrude from the wall near the door. Instead of being meerly stuck on, in keeping with the aesthetic of the room I changed it so it gave a look like the heads are being pushed out of the wall like is was a more flexible substance.

This revised design is really more of a point of reference for when it comes to modelling as this it's alot more informative than the last design that existed for it. Again I feel I've found a style of design that works for me. It's fast but also creates the shape and design that I need.

I also went back and re-designed the marking son the central platform in the room. I used inspiration from the tv series Full Metal Alchemist to help create a design that looks mystical. When it comes the creating the platform I may just create this as a texturemap to go over the object. Whilst designing I tried to creating my own glyphs to be used in the circle, when it comes to creating the skin I'll have to note the collection of different glyphs so that the can be used in the highstandard for the texture.

Judging from my designs so far it could end up a possibility that most of my work will come from texturing.

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