Thursday, 17 March 2011

Final problems (but they're minor)

The first thing that's still bugging me about my Final Level is that the texture of the overall room is a little stretched for my tastes but I think it's an evil I'll have to live with as I tried fixing it to only make it look worse and considering the time I had left.

Whilst applying the texture to my skulls in uity I notice an, repetative problem arise. Under every left eye socket a polygon face seemed to be missing on each one, the problem itself isn't too noticible but it's still relevant. The texture was working fine in Maya so the problem must lay with Unity some where along the way.

The same goes for the hanging basket lanterns, which keep disappearing then re-appearing or if they do appear they don't work as well as they should. After some testing it was revealed that some of the problem was being caused by the bright spoot light but beyond that the problem still persists. I feel that once again this is something I may have to speak to one of my tutors about but consider the road I've taken the reach this point a few minor hiccups near the end is nothing to be afraid of.

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