Thursday, 17 March 2011

Final Model with Texture

With all the components of my project all made it was time to but them all together into unity. I was unsure at first how to import textures as when I imported the new model from maya it appeared without the textures. The solution was simple enough, just import the texure files as new assests, this process took a wjhile but it definetly worked, from there I went into each model's attributes and adjusted the texutre setting to read the diffuse texture I had made but to also show the toon shader.

The first thing I noticed about the toon shader was it made every every texture much brighter and gave shadows to structures, this means I would not require any lighting in my game level. The thick outline around the structures really gives it a sense of it's own style and with the real world textures it's like a weird mix of the toon. Whilst the end result wasn't something I was expecting I'm still happy with the outcome as the textures still look of a high effort and environment still looks stylised.

You may notice that the ceiling is black and almost oozing down on to the walls, the idea behind this was to try create a sense that the room is infinitely tall without really making it as such, once in the level it does really give that effect, it's little things like this that I remember from playing early 3d games that the designers used back then.

Once all the textures were in place I added fire particles to the places that needed it such as the hanging lanterns and in the crown. With that done all thats left is to add the water coming from the gargoyles mouth, the sound and my character and I've finished! Below are some images taken around my level.

We're nearing the finish line but theres still some bugs to attend to...

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