Friday, 18 March 2011

Final Impressions

With everything complete, the first feeling I have is pride, in my previous project I said that I would not hand the next one in late and I have done just that. This proves that I have learned more about time management since my previous project. In terms of the practical work I've put in I'm tremendously over joyed with the the results, I've learned alot about computer game design over the last month and so and this final level really proves that I can put to practice what I've learned.

The overall quality of the level is on a level I didn't think I could achieve, although I didn't get the exact look I wanted I still have a high quality piece of work that demonstrates an understanding of both model making and texture painting. Going back re-painting my character texture was a good exercise as I was not content with my previous effort and I feel that this really shows what I'm capable of if I manage my time properly. The Music that I composed for the level I feel is well thought out and you can definitely tell the influences that I drew from when listening to it, I'm quite astonished that I managed to create a fairly catchy battle theme that has a good pace/drum beat but also creates a feeling of nostalgia due to the heavy use of Synth and midi instruments in the composition.

The use of Particles in the level work well and I really do owe alot of thanks to my Tutor's for helping me out with areas that I was unsure of or having problems with. Whilst the toon shader distorts my texture I'm happy with the effect that it give my level but I will still create a version with no toon shader. There a still a few little issues that were left unresolved such as the skull texture anomaly, the lack on animation on my character and minor texture issues due to intersecting geometry, whilst I feel this lets my level down slightly I feel that with the level of effort and hard work I've placed into this project these minor things are best left alone as point to learn from next time I get a brief of a similar theme. It's always the case but if I had more time I would definitely go back and adjust/solve these problems.

Overall I'm very proud of the work I've completed on this module as I feel compared to when I started these course it shows that not only have I improved my skills and knowledge but also matured as a student in terms of handling time and completing a project.

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