Saturday, 12 March 2011

Final Crit & Beta test

Recently I had to present the work I had made on my model so far and present itas a beta test. At the time I had only created the rough sctructure of the room and a few props such as the chair. I imported the level into Unity and applied the Toon shading and some lighting.

For the beta test, we each went around our computer terminals and gave a short review on our work so far. Some of the comments I recieved were favourable to the toon shading I used with the second most common comment being that I should use some high quality sound effects, one even noting an ambient soundtrack could work well.

Currently I have to finish creating a series of props such as the swords, gargoyle heads and some grates, then create the textures to go over the top and finally some Sound effects. Whilst this seems alot the modelling is a fairly quick process, I think what will take me the most time is the textures. If I seem that I have time I also want to finish the texture I'm recreating for my character.

Overall the concensus seems to be that my choice of cel shading is well recieved and that I should keep going along with my current design choices.

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