Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Eurogamer Expo 2011

Ever on the look out for potential networking events, I Remembered that back in 2009 I attend the Eurogamer Expo that took place in Leeds, this year the Location has changed to London. As with other expos Eurogamer boasts a range of opportunities such as:
  • Hands-on gaming
  • The Indie Arcade
  • The Career Fair
  • The Challenge Zone
  • The Retro Arcade
  • Developer Sessions
  • Social - fan meets, cosplay and more!
This is a great opportunity for both fans and students to experience the latest products that will be released onto the gaming market, meet pros and gain information about various subjects from the Develop Sessions and most importantly get help and information about applying for a job in the Game Industry at the Career Fair. The whole thing takes place over the week end of 22-25 of September, with tickets at the price of £8 per day, so for a full weekend it's only £24!

A list of the contributors to the Eurogamer Expo

Opportunities like this in the UK are few and far apart, so I recommend anyone interested in the game industry check out Eurogamer, the atmosphere is generally friendly and getting to play games before they've come out is a really fun treat but the most valuable aspects at the expo are the developer sessions and the Career fair.

Get these tickets whilst you can as they'e going to increase in price after 1st of June. For more info visit the website by clicking on the link Below!

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