Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Essay Writing Notes

Whilst writing my Essay for contextual studies I created a number of notes to use in my essay, most of them a just noting out important pieces of information I found in my sources whilst searching for relevant pieces of information/quotes that I can use. But I did also do essay mind maps when I was trying to decide what I would write about an I also wrote an essay plan to outline how I was going to tackle the task of writing the essay. This post is really more of a behind the scenes look at the process I took to create my essay.

Here at the two mind maps I created when trying to finalise what I would write about, ultimately deciding to focus on online culture of the internet and gaming. From there I started my research and started making these notes below based on the information I found that I believed I could use.

Below in the centre is a scan of my essay plan in which I outline where I will talk about subjects and how they should all ultimately form into the conclusion. In the final scan on the right is my collection of BBC sources and a small doodle I had obviously done to celebrate the end of my researching stage.

Most of the notes included the URLs and book titles where I got my information and I feel this comprehensively chronicles a good portion of the effort I put into the process of writing my essay.

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