Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Concept Art Development

From my previous development I wanted to finalise the rough shape of the room, I took away excessive chains and reduced it to four, which creates a much more dynamic image, I've also added in several new features such as a raised platform before the throne and a collection of swords by it. I still feel as though it's still a little bare, the banners are still present and they give a nice touch to this environment. I still need to figure out a source of lighting. The design on the raised platform also needs some work and I feel that I should come up with a finalised version of the throne. Overall things are progressing a in a good direction.

This is my reworked design of the door. I've developed the door way a little more and removed some of the previous details. There is now two statue heads at each side that serve as detail for a water source. I still feel that the insignia either needs to be developed to a higher standard or removed completely from the design of the level as it draws too much attention rather than fitting in with the environment. Whilst this is a good design currently I feel it doesn't fit with the aesthetic I'm developing for the main room.

With more and more of the room being developed I feel it's time to start looking at the smaller details and start developing those props, whilst considering how I can better the larger concept.

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