Sunday, 13 March 2011

Building a chain

One of the main features of my game level is the use of chains. They hold up the burning lanterns and also add to the decoration of my throne. Luckily the process of creating a chain in maya is realatively simple.

First off I created a cube that I then shaped into a cuboid and added some loop edges and began to shape the basic outline. I then duplicated this shape, making it smaller and using the boolean tool to use this shape a a sort of cookie cutter to make the shape. After some refining to the shape I had successfully created the first link that could be used in a chain. I then duplicate this chain link, rotate the duplicate and combine the two shapes and repeat this until I'm happy with the length of the chain.

There was an instance I which I had to use some clever tricks when applying chains, such as the hanging lanterns. I had two chains coming together to become one. I combated this hurdle by simple shaping a pipe polygon primitive to work as a connector between the three chains.

Currently All of the modelling is complete, I just have to finish shaping the room, and create the UV maps and it's time to get painting those textures!

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