Friday, 18 March 2011

Applying a Waterfall Effect

In my concept art I had a feature of a gargoyle head that emited water into a grate below it, so far I've got the water sound but not water fall to actually see. My first attempt was by converting a fire particle animation into water by turning it blue but this didn't have the desired effect I was after. I was reminded about one of my Tutor's tutorials that featured a spraying water effect. With that in mind, with the help of my tutor I canabalised this effect from one Unity Project to mine.

With the effect now in my Unity level it was time to adjust it's settings and give it a new texture. Adding a new texture was fairly simple by simply creating a new material and allowing it to read alpha layers, next it was onto adjusting it for my purposes. The amount spraying out was adjusted to be more akin with falling water by trial and error testing with the settings to the right most importantly the Emission settings and Velocity. After alot of experimenting the waterfall was complete and it was just a case of duplicating it and placing it in the other gargoyle's mouth.

My attempt at water with a fire particle.

When looking at the final effect it looked as though the water was coming out of no where from the mouth rather than look like it's naturally flowing out, to combat this my tutor suggested creating a black cube and placing it in the gargoyle's mouth. The difference is astounding and adds a little more depth to the overall level. I'm extremely pleased with the results, I also owe a lot of this stage to my tutor who helped me understand the importance of the particles in Unity.

With this final feature complete I've finished my Game Level!

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