Thursday, 24 March 2011

Applying at Rockstar Games

As I've mentioned in previous posts one of the most effective methods of applying for a job in the games industry is doing most of the leg work yourself and not leaving it up to agencies to find you a place. I decided to set out to see how easy it would be to apply for a job using one of the methods I highlighted in that previous post.

To the right is an image of Rockstar games, a studio thats infamous for creating the 'Grand Theft Auto' series of video games, their site if full of information about the latest news involving the company. If you scroll down to the bottom you'll have a list of quick links to various parts of the website including the Jobs section (this is highlighted in yellow on the image).

After clicking the link I was brought to a world map with pointers at the various Rockstar Studios based around the world, including many based in and around the UK. One inparticular that caught my eye was Rockstar Leeds, once clicking on it a blurb about the city appeared below;

"The studio is located in Leeds, one of the largest cities in the North of England, and the fastest growing city in the whole of the UK. It has some of the best shopping and nightlife in the country. The city hosts many museums, historical architecture, and friendly locals. We're also home to the world famous football franchise, Leeds United."

They had listed open places in several roles that are central to the act of game development, when clicking on each of the choices the window expans and gives further information about the roles you would undertake should you apply for the position, it also lists the qualifications and skills that the company require of you. So far this application process is simply and straightforward, this shows how easy it can be to find jobs to apply for.

After clicking on the Environment Artist option the indow changes and loads a digital application form. In this application form it asks the usual questions such as personal details, contact information, current employer, industry experience, experience with software and reasons why you want to apply. Out of these though there was something that really stuck out, in this online application form it asked that you attach a CV, which is fair enough but also a Demo Reel or Portfolio and a link to your Website. The idea of being able to apply for the position so easy is outstanding and it can really build up hope as we're in an age where it is possible to send everything the employer asks of you at once and this makes the process so easy, perhaps once I've finished my course I'll go back and apply for this position.

The World of Rockstar Games.

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