Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Live Brief

For creative industries, I've been given a live brief to complete in a team of three. The main aspect of this brief is to see if we understand all the information we've learned over the last few months/weeks and apply them to a practical situation. Once again I'll be working with Ben Marles and Will Farrell.

Out of the briefs availible we settled on the one presented by Disney Studios, in that we have to create a new IP for 6-14 year olds. We decided on this one as we felt it suited our skills very well and that it was one that we could see being more manageable with other projects going on. To also make this project more stream lined we've seperated the tasks for each of us to tackle indivdually, such as the research step will be tackled by me and will intially (Although this is the first draft of the plan, this could change). From there we will contiue through the plan until we've completed the project, along the way we will constantly be evaluating each other to see if we can improve our work ethic.

By the end of this project we will present our experience in a high quality preseantation, outlining what we had to do, where we used skills that we learned from creative indutries and the finally out come of our project.

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