Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Concept Art: First Wave

After my extensive look at concept art I decided it was time to start my own, I thought about my character and wht type of environment would suit them. When finishing my character, she had developed from a meer female antagonist into the final boss for the game so with that in mind I thought of some of my favourite games and their final fights and where they take place, often they were other worldly places outside the reality of the setting of the game, this was usually because the boss itself was usually similar in origin. My character is not quite all that powerful I decided I wanted an environment that would present something different from the norm without a complete alter-reality feeling.

Originally I imagined that my character would be sat on a throne in a room awaiting the heroes to come. In this first image, I focused on the central theme of a thrown which conjured up images of wall hangings and guards, I wanted to try give a sense of abnormality to I tried to make the throne look as though it's been pulled from the ground. In this image I tried to use a quick rough style with the painting but it didn't quite go to plan and I'm not happy with the overall look of the image, in my defense I don't often do digital painting and it's something I would like to improve upon.

This next piece was more of a focus on the logisitics on the chair and how it would be presented, I decided that the traditional throne room was a direction didn't really want to go with. I like the idea of the lines in the seat extending down into the stone and that the seat is held up with chains, this gives a much better sense of style as opposed to the first one which admittadly looks messy in comparison to this one. This piece was created simply by creating a flat line drawing and placing block colours underneath. I feel this style is easy for me to work with and get good results but I'm still going to try the more painted style when I get the chance.

With these two pieces done I'm already beginning to work on more pieces to develop the acctual room/level space more but things should start falling into place now that I've nailed down what I want my central theme to be.

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