Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Check This out: The Coming Apocolypse

With riots currently taking place in Egypt, Cairo with protestors demanding that President Mubarak step down. Amoungst other decisions by the goverment, Egypt has recently currently been cut off from the internet during the polical protests. In a recent news report covering the latest developments of the riots a ghostly green/yellow figure can be seen amoungst the crowd that seems to move and disappear off the side of the camera's view.

Some who have seen this footage believe it to be one of the four horsemen of the Apocolypse, potentially "Pestilence". If it truly is the pale rider this most likely means the end to all of us but, when watching the footage the object moves off screen by sort of flying upwards, following the camera movement including some reflective objects coming into shot and following the direction of the rider and it also seems too well visable which doesn't out rule it as being a fake/prank which these things often are.

Make up your own mind, are the riders amoung us? Or is this a trick of the light?

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