Thursday, 13 January 2011

UV Mapping & Texturing: An Attempt, a Failure

There was quite a lot of trouble surrounding do a UV map for my character as there were quite a few problems that occurred along the way. The first being I had great difficulty projecting the UV map at first. Realising I was missing out the Planar projecting section of UV Mapping, everything suddenly began to slip into place. The method of which I was used to create my UV map was pretty much like making my model in reverse, I would cut the UV map along one seam of my object, select the opposite scene and click the selection conversion to a UV edge, after that I just unwrapped using the unfold tool in the UV texture editor. Unfortunately because of my ignorance of how to do this correctly I wasted far too much time trying to get it right. Once all the UV maps were unwrapped I then placed then all in the UV map editor and adjusted their size to fit on the page.

Another problem that cropped up what that I had modelled the hair completely wrong and had to redo it all again by rebuilding the skull and out fitting the character with new hair made up of planes. Another problem was separating the different components as I had apparently done that wrong too, meaning I had to waste more time finding solutions to my problems and spending the time fixing them. But after all the trouble I finally got a good looking UV map or so I thought.....

I exported the files to photoshop several times as it was far too small until I had reached a big enough format to work on it competently, after starting to do some skin tones I tested the texture out in Maya and it just didn't work, the only thing that matched up was the body, everything else showed the white parts of the uv texture and what not. Also whilst I was painting I realised I'm terrible at digital painting and that it takes an age for my to do anything good. I suddenly came upon a realisation....

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