Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rigging: Set Driven Keys & Reverse Foot Set-Up

A Set Driven key is very much like an attribute eg: "Rotate x" with the exception that it's made by the user and can effect any aspect of a joint they like. In my model I used set driven keys to allow me to use the hand controller to make a fist. I first create the Atrribute in the hand conrtoller's attribute menu and adjust it's limits and starting points (eg, max: 10, min: -10, start: 0), I then link the joints in the figures at their resting position by selecting them and the controller and connecting them in the "Set Driven Menu", I then move the joints and connect them the the movement valur of either 10 or -10 on the hand controller and set the key. Through this process I can now control a very basic level of movement in mt characters hand.

Since I only had a limit number of joints in my hand the movement it's really all that impressive, but should be enough to help the character emote when it comes to animating it.

Next comes the process of setting up the Reverse Foot, this will allow me to animate a much more human walk cycle that will hopefully seperate my character from the uncanny valley in animation terms atleast. Setting up the reverse foot manipulators is very much like setting up the Set Driven Keys, first setting up several new attributes in the foot controller such as "Peel Heel", "Toe Twist", "Heel Twist" etc. I then group joints upon them selves and move the pivot back into places, the equip these new groups with the set driven keys. Once this is all set up I now have four objects (feet and hands) that can now move much more than they could previously. The benefit of the Reverse Foot Set -up means that if I animate my character well enough it should walk perfectly.

With the Model and the Rigging complete all thats left is to animate and texture my character, the end is within sight, I still have to fix the bugs with my UV map but with my new deadline of 4pm Monday 17th January I feel that I can complete this task in time.

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