Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Project: Creating a Game Level

With the game character out of the way a new project approaches, this time I'm to develop a game level (mcuh like the one in the image, but in three dimensions and with map textures and not really like that one at all) that will correspond with the theme and basic design motif of my character. For this project I'll be using the programs Maya and the game engine, Unity.

For this project I plan to research exsisting game levels including their development from concept to finalisation. taking notes on things such as textures and design based on genre of the game. From there I'll develop my own concept art to present at an intrim crit. along with my research, explaining my concept. Next I'll use the remaining time of the project to create the level.

During this time I also have to write a 1,000 word essay on the study of contemporary video games development, for this I'll research everything I can on the process of making a video game in the 21st centuary ranging from concept to development and even including marketing strategies. This will then be written in an informative format for my essay.

Finally I'm also going to use some of my time to revist my game character and make the proper adjustsments to it to reach a level of quality that I'm much more happier with.

With the intrim crit on 18th of Feburary and the deadline on the 18th of March I have plenty of time to complete this project, considering my last experience I plan to use this time as effectively as possible. I'll first start by doing a week of research of game levels and design techniques, then between then and the 18th of Feburary I'll develop the concept artwork whilst researching and writing my essay. After that date I'll start making the actual level and reworking my character, using two week to make the level and two weeks to make the textures and other attributes.

I'm determined to improve my character and make sure I don't repeat my mistakes from the last project.

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