Friday, 7 January 2011

Modeling: Torso

When It came to modelling my design I've tried several different techniques all of which resulted in a very blocky looking torso. repeatedly un happy with my progress and the quality out the outcome I quickly searched the internet on tips on how to model the female body in Maya. After a few minutes of searching I came across this 7 Part Video Tutorial on how to do just that in a very easy to understand method. Each video is 10 minutes long (give or take) which adds up to 1 Hr 10 Mins running time to learn how to create this body.

The basic principle of Youtuber Andrew Klein is that you basically create a dummy using NURBS to build your object over. After creating the full character template with NURBS, I then applied a different skin to allow me to differentiate between the two objects whilst I work on the Polygon object. I also put the NURBS object on a different layer so that I can't select it when working on my Polygon object. With that all in place it's time to start creating my object.

I initially trace the outline of the figure in the side profile view correcting any mistakes that happen along the way. I then extrude the sides and delete unnecessary faces, I repeat this prosess in the front veiw to get a guide for the side of the body. With a front and side object created I then use the append face tool to join the side to the front and back. From there I followed the videos closely adding faces and adjusting vertices until I had something that resmbled a female torso with holes where the neck, legs, arms and breats would go.

To create the breasts it was a matter of extruding and again adjusting the vertices to follow the shape of the dummy. The trick to this was to first extrude a smaller section and then extrude further from this section, this technique is used for pretty much adding any body part to the torso and works incredibly well and as you can see the results are of high quality even with a low polycount.

I definetly found this method much easier to follow than previous ones I was shown and I plan to follow this type of modelling until it's finished. Whilst this method is quick (the above picture took just under 9 hours to make) it's not without little bugs here and there. Such as duplicate faces being made resulting in complications when modelling and adjustments being need when extrusion is used, but these 'bugs' could be down to my lack of experience, but I felt these fixes added to the time I spent creating this torso. Things are going well and I plan to look at more videos from Andrew Klein to see how to approache other problems such as armour and clothing.

I'll show my progress in the next post.

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