Saturday, 8 January 2011

Modeling: Problems, Huge Problems!

After a wonderful night of hard work some Massive problems have arisen with Maya. When I attempt to adjust any of the components more than several faces seem to disappear leaving holes in the model as well as the legs I had initially made completely disappear. Now the curious thing is that when I got to Display > Polygons > Face Normals, "cactus mode" shows me that the faces are still present but just invisible.

I have no idea how to tackle this problem as the computer still "sees" the componenets but doesn't show them. I'm currently googling all variations of problem to find the solution but if you ovely people of the internet can help that'd be even better! please post in the comments box below because I've got too much of a good model going on here to just start again! Anyone who does contribute will recieve a special shout out in my next post and in my evaluation for this project!

thanks again!


  1. Are your normals reversed for that area? Because if they are you might see invisible spots.

  2. Hey Huy thanks for the reply, the normals were all facing outwards as they should have been, don't know what happened to the model really. But as you can see I fixed the problem. Thanks for replying though! I'll make sure you get a mention!