Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Modeling: Feet and Head

With almost everything else completed for my principal model all thats left to build is the feet and the head. For the feet I used the same method as I did for the hands, first creating a flat outline, extruding and shaping the foot around the contours to make it match the shapes of a natural foot. I then attach it to the ankle and adjust the shapes to make it more natural. As always I then smooth out and save my progress.

With the whole body complete all that is left to complete is the head, this is a critcal piece as I will be developing the identity of my character. Before I started I looked for my videos by Andrew Klein to see if there were any helpful tips, luckily Klein had also made a tutorial for creating human faces in Maya (this time only 6 parts), so I proceeded to follow and apply it to my own model.

Following a similar method to creating the body I set out creating the head, this time starting by drawing a flat shape around the eye and shaping it in front and side view, extruding it to make the socket. Then I create the muscles around the mouth, shaping accordingly. From there I Edit > Duplicate special, this creates some nice symmetry which helps me visualise the shape of the head and the start of the face. Using the extrusion tool I build a rough shape of the head and neck from the sockets and the lower mouth muscle extrusions form the chin along with the front part of the neck. I then append some spaces between the mouth and eyes to form the cheeks leaving spaces to fix and faces that need divisions to match up with other spaces then appending those.

I then built the nose using the extrusion method, first the rough shape in side view and then the nostrils, front there building up and around. This took some time to get right as I had to carefully think about the shape of a human nose and then make it more feminine, this inculded adjustments such as shaping the bridge of the nose, the spacinf between eyes and upturning the tip slightly, the end result was worth making sure the character wouldn't have a nose like a boxer. Next came the lips, again this took some trial and error as I thought about the shape of the lips and carefully shaped them into place, there were a few problems such as converging vertices at the edges but that was soon sorted. I adjusted the eyes and anything else I saw that need fixing to make the face appear more natural. Finally shaping out the spaces in the cheecks with the append tool all thats left was to create the shape of the head.

When it comes to the shape of the head I can cheat ever so slightly to save some time, as I know hair would be covering the ears and sides of the head. I just followed the same rules for the extrusion method, extruding main structure points and using the append tool to fill in the gaps. Then I add edges and vertices's and shape outwards until I get the shape of the head, smoothing my geometry along the way. Finally I attache the head to the neck and make a few adjustments to make it look more natural and human unlike the weird giraffe hybrid I got when I first joined the two pieces. I then touch up any other off pieces of the form to make it look more human and there were have my base character to start modeling the hair and armour.

This process was a fairly stream lined process with little bugs and niggles, but it was a lengthy porcess and I had to try think of how my character would look in three dimension as the images planes weren't quite as useful as I thought they would be in this process but overall this step was smooth and simple. When I finished I had a slight panic about how I was going to attempt the hair and accesories etc. but I plan to try speak to my tutor about it and look for some more tutorials. Hopefully I will have modeling complete in 12 hours but it is getting harder after spending day after day sat for 9+ hours sat looking at a computer screen.

Also if you look at these screen shots due to my new computer set up you can have a nosy at all the music I listen to, but I'm slowly running out of things to listen to.

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