Monday, 10 January 2011

Modeling: Arms, Hands and Legs

Over the last 72 hours technical problems galore crept up such as the problem with disappearing faces and extruding difficulties then after that, the batteries in the only mouse I had died meaning I would have to wait for them to recharge.

Finally today I got round to adding more on to my mesh, to make the arms I followed the basic concept that allowed me to create the torso, by first creating an outline and "inflating" it. This proved a little difficult as I had not tried to create an accurate representation of a human arm before so I kept adjusting till I felt it was as close as I could get in the time I had.

The trickiest part of this session was sculpting the hands, I started off with a flat outline as usual but when creating the hand I chose to have the larger parts of the hands be just one face. Using my own hand as reference cutting polygon faces, adding edges and vertices where I should match the shape of the hand after which I careful matched up the shapes of the arm to the hand and pulled the flat husk of the hand in to something more recognisable. The found that the end result was fairly impressive for my first try, this in turn gave me more confidence.

Next was the knees and lower legs, this was a fairly easy process as all I had to do was extrude where I had left off, extruding down to the ankle. From there I adjusted the vertices to match the shape of the legs in the image planes both front and side. Finally going into Perspective view to touch up any bits that might still need adjusting to get the best result.

Once I've finished adjusting the mesh I always select the whole thing and click Smoothing/Soften to make the sharp angles much more natural to trick the viewer into thinking there's more to the model then there actually is.

This step has been an interesting process and there are little things such as the arms that I would go back a redo as they look a bit stringy but for now they'll do the job. The were also problems with porportions in which I had to either shorten or extend the limbs to make them look a bit more natural. With only the feet, neck and head (with hair) to go I'm fast approaching the next step which is creating the armour and clothing, which will be an interesting challenege. I plan to look at more video tutorials from Andrew Klein to see how to tackle sculpting the head.

See more progress tomorrow!

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