Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Modeling: Armour, Accessories and Hair

Before I could continue modeling new aspects such as the belt and armour, I had to go back and adjust the arm into more of "T" position to which was much easier to model, but this will also allow me to create the rig to allow movement in a much easier manner. After this amendment I started building the accessories by using the extrude method to shape them, finally combining them with the main mesh so that they're still seperate objects but will move along with the model once it is rigged. One aspect that was addressed was how to create a free flowing skirt hem with a ragged edge. By creating a large flat object when it comes to texturing I can use aplha layers make objects appear more elabourate than they really are, rather than painstakingly construct each shape in Maya.

To create the armour all I did was extrude the shapes faces in the right place andbuild upon it the. With a moajority of these items such as the greives and belt I used a mix of softened and hardered edges to create a more realistic shape. Again to minimalise the amout of work that would have to be done I worked on one side of the legs and duplicated half of the model. The armour for the arm didn't pose to much of a threat either as I was well into the mindset of how to tackle it. Some changes have occured in the final model such as a clear arm joint in the armour to make animation appear more fluid (hopefully). Given the time I feel I've done a fairly good job on modeling these aspect of the character.

For the hair, I used a mix of methods I found via my own research and advice given to me by my tutor. By following the same basic principle as the skirt all I would need to do is create several flat faces that would recieve and hair texture with an alpha layer. I decided I would use flat faces to create the general shape of the hair so that if my texturing is a little off hopefully there will be enough geometry to cover any mistakes. I'm still slightly unsure of how I'm going to texture it as this is pretty much learning off the cuff here but I'm confident I'll be able to complete it to a fairly competant standard.

With the hair finished, thats the model complete! (FINALLY!) Overall I'm pleased with the outcome and can't wait to start texturing but first I need to create the UV maps (which I'll do after a quick nap/rest) oh and for any tech heads interested the final Polygon count came to a whopping 3208, I remember there being a limit I should have stuck around but I've come this far now plus after some research a high end playstation 2 game character had around this same amount so at least I'm working to a (4-5 year old) industry poly-count!

Stay posted for my next post of UV Mapping and Texturing!
(also I have randomising desktop backgrounds!)

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