Monday, 31 January 2011

Idiot Draws on His Face, Demands Video game Console

Earlier last week Ricky Lee Kalichun (pictured) decided he'd spent enough time waiting for his former roommate to return his Television, games console and games and that the only way he'd ever see these possessions again is if he demanded them back with a face to face confrontation.

Of course like any confrontation you prepare yourself, be it physically, mentally or emotionally and as everyone knows, when time is of the essence nothing beats applying war paint (with the highest quality marker pens) and equipping yourself with a medieval sword. Finally the most important part of all of this, down a bottle of whiskey.

After some how infiltrating the dasterdly roommate's new apartment, Kalichun start to unplug the electronics until he was caught and hustled into the hallway to which our hero reveals his weapon swinging widely in a form of a warning that he knows how to use this weapon.

Tradgey struck our hero though as he was eventually arrested after managing not to hurt anyone and is currently charged with Intimdation with a weapon and Public Intoxication.

Frankly I'm surprised Kalichun was caught, I mean look at the quality of that war paint! You'd never be able to find this hardned warrior in a nursery class room, and if his skills with a pen watch those with a sword we'd all better watch out!

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On a side note, this is the 31st post of the month meaning I've managed to complete enough posts for each day of the first month of 2011!

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