Saturday, 29 January 2011

Game Environment Research (Part 2)

Continuing my look at game environment art I next analyse this piece from Final Fantasy XII, it features a very stylistic approach to concept art. It displays Non-player characters intereacting with a market scene. the style of painting is mich similar to that of classical painting. The amount of detail here is very impressive and really tells you alot about not only this market but the artistic style of the world with a slight inside look at it's history. Much like the Resident Evil ones this image portrays the sense of the atmosphere and colours that the level should have. Getting the feel of an environment seems to be the main aspect of concept art where as a more detailed image showing the level would probably fall under the classification of a floor plan.

This piece comes from the game Kingdom Hearts 2. This features much brighter colours than most of the other pieces up until now with a more finished polish than some concept art it's clear that it's still be made digitally. What seperates this one from the others is that it shows a little more information about what a game level might look like. Whilst it's still a limiting view it shows a scene that perhaps a player would progress through rather than just a point of reference for the colour or textures. Another important part is each object in the scene keeps in the same style as the others which helps make this level seem more plausible as there isn't anything out of place in the scene. This goes for the other Kingdom Hearts 2 concept art. It all keeps in the same style as each other and shows an understand of an environment a character might be placed in to explore.

This piece of concept work comes from the game Halo 3: ODST. A much more sketchier piece than the others and offers not an environment but more a design for a building in the game. I look at this to see the contrasts of styles that concept artists use. This design is a simple pen and shader marker but it's still informative of the environment the game will take place. This piece is just as detailed as the others and has clearly been thought of in a more lateral way in that the designer has clearly considered the logistics of a thriving metropolis. No colour has been used so it's suggested that this was created some time after the colour scheme was decided and that the design team decided it was time to focus on the wider range of design aspects such as looking at the environment outside the immediate game environment.

Next I'll be looking at so video game levels in action and more concept art!

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