Monday, 17 January 2011

Final Show Reel and Impressions

Between this and the last post a fair bit of drama has happened, but I eventually got a texture made and started to animate my character, unfortunately the texture wasn't anywhere near the quality I was hoping for, as I didn't have enough time to sort of Alpha channels for the skirt and hair resulting in a very lackluster appearance. Once I have some more time I plan to go back and re-do the texture.

Animating did not go to well either as I still have a remedial understanding of animating in Maya, this resulted in a very jerky and horrifyingly bad moving character, again once I have more time I plan to go back and fix this problem aswell.

The end result (video below) is something that I'm only half proud of, the texturing and animation have really let me down but now I'm out of time to fix any of these, the lesson to take away from this project is to not rush everything at the last minute and give myself plenty of time to finish my project.

And with that the first half of this Game art & Design project is finished.

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