Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Essay Ideas

For Contextual Studies I've been given the task of having to write an essay. The choice of topic for this essay is left entirely up to me, for this essay I have several ideas, unfortunately I can't pick between them so my plan is to write an opening paragraph for each topic and choose the one that I feel will be the most interesting to write about. Below are the opening paragraphs:

Illustration Through The Ages & Why We Need Illustration.

The concept of an illustration in it's most basic form is to translate an idea using either one or series of images, the idea in question can be pretty much anything from instructions on how to build a set of shelves to depicting a narrative. Often these images can be compounded and re-enfocred with words that can add to the overall experience and making things easier to understand or add to the entertainment you can get from it. In it's time illustration has developed from simple cave paintings to 16th century masterpiece, through to today where illustration is used in every aspect of media and art. The main questions this essay will answer has the quality of illustration increased with the progression of time, do we need illustration and what would it be like if we didn't use illustration?

Development of the Film Industry into a more commercial media, is it for the best or the worst?

Entertainment has been around for centuries now ranging from music to books and film. Previously people sought to hear the latest composition from Mozart, then people looked to read the last collection of Wilde literature. Today the most common form of entertainment that mass amounts of people flock towards is films, the admission price is reasonable, the wide selection means that anyone from any background an go and watch a film. As with any bustling industry, the film industry has attracted the attention of investors and such whom see it as a great business opportunity, although over the last 15 years films have had a dramatic change in attitude and it seems some of the more "blockbuster" type films only exist to out do each other. This essay will address the more commercially oriented film industry and wither this shift results in better quality of film, is the gamble of pumping more money into an idea always pay off? what effects does this have on the quality of films and it's viewers?

Internet Culture and it's effects on users outside of the net.

With an ever developing society and change in trends of culture influenced by the environment around people it's a perfectly natural thing to see a change in behaviour of people over time. Obviously people are open to the influence of many different things in our current climate such as fashion, music, film and television, but by far what could be considered the most powerful influence tool of the 21st century is the Internet. Allowing user to find any information they wish, connect with whom ever they want, share pictures, videos and a whole host of other items, but as the world develops from influences the Internet has also developed cultures of it's own with it's own social groups and language that is often hard to understand at first. Is there a chance the subcultures found on the Internet has spilled and bleed through into reality? If so what effect has it had on people and what are the long term effects it could have on people and the cultures found outside of the Internet. Ultimately this essay will address wither the cultures from the Internet are a good or a bad thing whilst analysing the effects they can have if they go unchecked.

Obviousy with each choice an extensive amount of research will be required but I feel that by writing out these opening paragraphs I can better understand the topic I want to write about. I will look over these again and again until I decide on one to further develop into my essay.

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