Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Disclaimer: Regular Programming Will Resume Soon

Remember a time when I didn't use this blog just for University work? And you might have come here for the odd article of me recommending or reviewing stuff? I do. I have not forgotten about that, unfortunately I've just not had the time to do them but I have a few things in the work that will be very late here in comparison to time of their original launch (movie, game, album, comic, book reviews etc.) I'm also working on a new comic and a T-shirt design so I'll post about those soon including a few "Ken Recommends" that should have been posted eons ago. I apologise to those who come here to read no Uni related stuff but it does take presidence and it is the reason this blog was set up for. With 2011 I've got a few minor changes in plan to make this Blogspot template look a little more professional. Thanks for reading and with almost 4,000 hits I'm going to start trying to be a little more entertaining! Also enjoy the picture of the Cat-Batman!

See you real soon guys!

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