Saturday, 15 January 2011

Check This Out: Megaman Legends 3 Modeling

Whilst checking on Video Game News sit: Destructoid, I happen to come across a link to the Developer's blog for Megaman Legends 3 in which there are several entries from Mr. Koike of Capcom (famous for modeling characters in games such as "Monster Hunter" and "Zack & Wiki") taking us through (a basic) process of 3D modeling.

What's hard to believe is that the image to the right is actually a 3D model for the game.

Currently Megaman Legends 3 is being developed for the Nintendo DS so by that nature the model it's self will be made of a fairly low polygon count. Just looking at the process and taking into consideration the speed of Mr. Koike's work shows a inside to the industry standard.

I suggest that anyone who is interested in making video games check out these blog posts: I've posted them below:
Megaman Legends 3 Modeling part 1
Megaman Legends 3 Modeling part 2
Megaman Legends 3 Modeling part 3

What I really like about this model though is the stylised texture map and the simplicity of it, but it really makes a powerful effect, game character wise. What's truly impressive though is that to get a complete and finished model it only took Mr. Koike 10 days to complete, currently I'm on day 8 of my model, If I can get my own model completed by Monday 4pm that means work speed I can match industry standard (but not necessarily quality).

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