Saturday, 15 January 2011

Check This Out: Final Trailer for "Love"

In 2006 Tom Delonge of the Pop Punk outfit Blink-182 decided to try his hand at a different type of music from what Blink fans were used to. Teaming up with Atom Willard, Matt Wachter and David Kennedy, Angels & Airwaves was formed, a band that Delonge ambitiously said would change the face of music, whilst certain ambitions made back in '06 may not have come to fruition there's no denying that the band is a success. Since the release of their second album ("I-Empire" 2007) Delonge has boasted that an Angels & Airwaves movie will be made, there had already been a documentary under the name of "Start The Machine" but Delonge insisted that a narrative based movie would hit screens eventually.

4 Years later with less than a month until it's premiere, Angels & Airwaves have proved that it can rise above music and join bands such as The Who and The Beatles in making not only music but also films. Judging by the trailer this film could either be heavily narrative based or massively conceptual (perhaps a mixture of both?) all context aside the quality for this film seems to be on the same level as big budget Hollywood movies, and I do hope that the film is well received as it would be a nice change to see a film such as this receive the same level of regard as "Tommy" and other music inspired films.

Angels & Airwaves also plan to release a double album along with the film so keep an eye out for it's release. In the mean time read more about the film; "Love" and download the album of the same name for free from the band's website.


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