Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011, "Two-Thousand and Eleven", にせんじゅういち

We've doen it people, we're officially in some ind of future, like we were back in 2000, except this time we're ever closer to the setting of most Sci-fi Films. Whilst this I'm currently in the middle of (trying) to re-design stuff about myself ad websites etc. (Again....). Hopefully it'll look quite good (I'm think robots, ghosts and something else....cats maybe?). Also Since the new year I've been drawing a lot more which has been nice, such as this totally bad ass Hob-Goblin I drew after reading the latest issues of Amazing Spider-Man, (Guys, totally read that stuff cause it is simply stunning!).

Anyway I digress, Heres to the first post of 2011 and a doodle to boot, keep an eye out for the new website design. Hopefully completed by the end of January. See you around guys!

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